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Photo: Teacher discussing college with class Students often don't understand how their school subjects relate to their career goals.

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Integrating the Program

This site includes many materials to help you implement the ASVAB Program at your school.

The following Idea Sheets were designed to help counselors and educators incorporate career exploration activities into the classroom. With teacher and counselor guidance, students will be more likely to apply the information available in the ASVAB Career Exploration Program in a meaningful and productive way.

You can download the career planning tools provided to help students take the information they have learned about occupations and compare it to the information they have about their own skills and interests. The activities prompt students to consider the following: What are the education requirements for the occupations that interest me? What skills are important for success on the job? What can I do while I'm still in high school to strengthen my skills and help prepare me for the career or post-secondary educational program that I'm interested in?

Integrating the ASVAB Career Exploration Program into one or more academic classes is a potential win-win situation for teachers, as well as students.

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